How to use Amazon store cards

How to use amazon store cards

1: Add the Store Card in the payment methods section on Amazon Aged Account, make sure to add it as a Credit/Debit Card. The Name has to be the same on the amazon account, and CVV and expiration date is not needed, only the card number is needed.

2. Wait 10 days for 10-years-old accounts or 17+ days for under 5 years. after adding the payment method. This is a key component of actually getting the full balance to work. It is not on us if you do not wait the recommended time and the card declines.

3. For Amazon accounts that are 10+ years old, on the 5th-day order something with your real payment (your own personal debit/credit card) it does not have to be a large purchase at all but you should purchase something if you really want the store card to hit like mine. (For accountsunder 5 years old order something after 10 days)

4. Make sure your first purchase with the store card is $1, if it is not, Amazon may lock your account because big purchases are always reviewed at first.

5. After your first order with the store card arrives order something within the price range of $15-25.

6. Classify all products you are purchasing as a gift, this is so you will not get billed, They won’t bill a gift recipient. (This is very important)

7. Order 1 product at a time, wait for it to be delivered, then you may do the next order until you use the entire balance.

8. Order all products on the same device, using the same IP/proxy. If amazon sees a different IP, then they will lock your account and cancel your orders. Also keep all account settings the same, (address, name, email, and phone number)

9. Use all your real info address and phone number. Amazon might call you to confirm the order, if you don’t answer the call amazon will cancel the order.


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